Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Hounslow

Hypnotherapy HounslowIf you are in a challenging situation or you want your life to be different and do not know what to do, I can help you find the answer. Hypnotherapy helps you to change any fictitious or inappropriate beliefs you may have about yourself, your life or even the world around you. Beliefs like “I’m not good enough” or “I know I should not eat this but… I just feel like it” or even “everything I do goes wrong”.

These beliefs are stored at a subconscious level and even though your conscious mind (the bit that analyses and thinks) knows that the beliefs are not appropriate you just seem unable to change. These subconscious beliefs are very prevalent in issues like smoking, anxiety, weight control and many others.

Not knowing how to get out of a situation, feeling stuck, overwhelmed, anxious or alone is the way many people feel. They tend to struggle on believing there is no way out for them. This is not the case. Hypnotherapy can help with many issues. Often they can be resolved within a very short period of about four to six sessions. This can create a significant shift in perception and can take place even during the first session. Which means that in a short period of time you could be feeling completely different about yourself, your life and even the world around you.

Having said this each person and the way their issue affects them is different. People progress at their own pace and there is no right or wrong way at all.

Hypnotherapy Hounslow make me smileSome people want/need a longer term relationship to maintain and build on their initial success. Sometimes this is just a booster session when they feel they need it or sometimes they choose to see me once a quarter, or even once a year, to ensure they are keeping everything on track. We see this as essential after-care and are happy to support the client in this way if they feel they need it. Also, we have found that regular mentoring in your personal development keeps you focussed and motivated to achieve steady progress in your life.

I have studied Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP including, NLP New Code, to Master Practitioner level. This enables me to do something not many therapists can do; I can help people without the client having to disclose personal details of whatever it is that is troubling them.

Therefore I can work very effectively with people who would normally have difficulty revealing personal details.

Although I am based in Hounslow we work with clients from Isleworth, Osterley, Kew, Heston, Cranford, Chiswick, Brentford, Whitton and Feltham.

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