About me

Kausar Syed

I am proud and grateful to have been blessed with four children. Life has presented the many usual, and some quite unusual, challenges which have given me a wide experience of life and people from varied backgrounds.

Over the years I have struggled with, and finally overcome, many of my limiting beliefs regarding being a good enough mother, daughter, sister, wife, provider, carer… therapist/coach… to name but a few.

We can all find ourselves sometimes muddling our way through many of the situations life throws at us, without having undergone any kind of training to fulfil some of our most important roles in life, parenthood as being one! This has made me realise that we are all doing the best we can with the tools we have been given.

I have spent a great deal of time and energy, not to mention money, on learning about, and training in, personal development.  It was the confidence I gained from this that lead me to want to share what I have learnt with as many people as possible.  I want to help enable you to realise the potential there is in every single one of us, as for some, life events can be overwhelming and difficult to escape without a guide.

Another realisation for me has been that the potential for growth and improvement is immense and never ending, a goal we can strive for every day of our lives, getting better and better each day.

A goal worth striving for certainly.

But it is also important to accept that you are already:

  • Unique
  • Precious
  • Special

Just as you are now.

It would be my honour to be your guide.


My Basic Training

To become a Life Change Consultant using Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques I chose the internationally renowned Quest Institute and I was most fortunate to pass the stringent selection and assessment criteria required of each individual by Rebecca Sylvester, co-founder of the Quest Institute with Trevor Sylvester.

The Quest InstituteThe eminent Trevor Sylvester develops and delivers the courses at the Quest Institute. Trevor is also the author of the Wordweaving Course which enables all Quest Institute Therapists (QIT) to use highly specialised hypnotic language and tailor it to the needs of each individual client.

As a Cognitive Hypnotherapy Diploma graduate I have completed and passed the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD). This is externally validated by the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) and the accrediting body (NCFE).

To graduate and practice as a Quest Institute Therapist (QIT) I am required, amongst many stringent criteria, to:

  • Complete and pass the HPD
  • Become a member of the NCH and be governed by it’s Code of Ethics
  • Ensure that I am insured
  • Commit to Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
  • Master NLP Practitioner

NLP Master PractitionerI returned to the Quest Institute to be trained by Trevor Sylvester as a Master NLP Practitioner. Trevor ensures that he builds on the basic training of the Diploma Course and enhances the proficiency of each Quest Institute trained therapist to cutting edge standards, incorporating the latest research and developments in the field of psychology and human behaviour.

NLP New Code

I then trained with the accomplished Peter Salisbury in NLP New Code.  Peter is one of only a small group of trainers worldwide to have been approved and certified by Dr. John Grinder (co-creator of NLP) to train and certify others in NLP New Code.

Training with Peter gave me another perspective of NLP; an opportunity to hone skills and add more tools to extend the range of techniques I am able to select from to suit the individual needs of each client.

I am most fortunate to be mentored and coached by Peter. By assisting Peter on his training courses to coach his trainees with a core group of qualified coaches and therapists, I am able to continue improving my competency in all the techniques available and liaise with other coaches/therapists to learn how others might differ in their methods of applying the techniques.

John Grinder Co-Founder of NLP
Carmen Bostic St. Clair

I have also been extremely privileged to be trained by John Grinder Grinder the co founder of NLP and Carmen Bostic St. Clair.
One of the aims of this training was to hone skills and techniques, as an assistant coach I received and passed on high levels of training, enabling trained practitioners to achieve greater levels of mastery.

A further aim of the course was for New Code Practitioners to achieve personal congruency, learning to maintain state in the most provoking circumstances and to develope behavioural flexibility.
It is a state of mind to recognise that as humans we are all a work in progress and always able to seek greater levels of mastery in all aspects of our lives and State Mastery enables us to utilise our skills, techniques and inner resources most efficiently.

Teaching is one of the best ways of learning how different individuals respond to the techniques.

I remain in close contact with both trainers and attend many events and training courses throughout the year with them and other trainers too.  I am committed to ‘Continuous Professional Development’ (CPD) to ensure that I am always up to date with the latest developments in scientific research to provide my clients with the best possible service.

The way I work

Cognitive hypnotherapy enables a practitioner to choose the most appropriate interventions for each individual and adapt an approach according to the feedback given by the client.

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