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My Weight Loss Views

All of us who find weight to be an issue know how to lose weight, we probably know several ways of losing weight.  All of which have all worked for us in the past as we have lost pounds and kilos only to yo-yo back again. Continue reading

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Maintaining My Children’s Self Esteem

When I first discovered that my two younger children (a son and daughter) had reading problems, I was certainly keen to find out how to help them overcome their “problems” but even more than that…. I was concerned about their self esteem.
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Five Tips for Learning Success

So here are 5 tips that enable us all to realise that we are not at the mercy of circumstances that overtake us but that we can very easily and quickly learn to reassess and regroup our feelings and our behaviour to respond much more effectively in any situation. Continue reading

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Complementary Therapies

As I searched for an alternative I started paying more attention to my father’s advice regarding Homeopathy. I had already discovered that his advice regarding cold cures i.e. taking a remedy at the first onset of a cold indicated by a sneeze or scratchy throat, could with just a few doses prevent the cold from getting a hold at all or if it did then the recovery was speedier than not taking the remedy. Continue reading

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