Complementary Therapies

I first became interested in Alternate Medicine or what I now prefer to call Complementary Medicines or Health Therapies when I had children.

Two of my children would develop a bit of a wheeze after catching a cold and as it became worse – in the winter, the doctors wanted the children to be taking cortisone medication via inhalers all year round even in the summer when they were fine and fit.

I am not medically qualified but I really baulked at medicating my children with such a strong chemical, with all it’s side effects, especially while they were fit and healthy.

As I searched for an alternative I started paying more attention to my father’s advice regarding Homeopathy.  I had already discovered that his advice regarding cold cures i.e. taking a remedy at the first onset of a cold indicated by a sneeze or scratchy throat, could with just a few doses prevent the cold from getting a hold at all or if it did then the recovery was speedier than not taking the remedy.

So I began dosing the children as soon as I noticed a sniffle or cough and found that once the cold was caught in time, then it did not deteriorate into wheezing.

Homeopathy was my introduction to Complementary Therapies.  I then went on to train as an Aromatherapist and Reflexologist and found that the common ground between all these therapies was the holistic view of the body they all shared.

Main stream medical practice was to often address symptoms:

·       Got a runny nose take a pill and stop it running!

·       Got a head ache take a pill kill the pain!

Which often resulted in side effects, but at least the initial symptom had been addressed!

But if it doesn’t work take another pill, either more of the same or another one with further side effects.

This depressed the body’s own ability to repair and heal, weakening the body each time making it more reliant on the medication in higher doses, with ever greater side effects.

While the complementary therapies address the body as a whole and more as it worked to balance the mind, body and spirit allowing the body’s own capacity to heal and rejuvenate itself to operate, if given the space to do so.

What is the ‘space’ that is required?


Many complementary therapies are excellent at helping a person to relax – aromatherapy, reflexology, shiatsu incorporate some form of massage which is in itself is very relaxing in addition to the particular therapy’s own further benefits.

Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques are extremely powerful ways of enabling a person to let go of stress and finally relax.

Relaxation, quite down time, is something which in this day and age too many of us seem unable to do, even when supposedly relaxing we are thinking, planning, at the very least worrying or worst there is a lot of anger or misery associated with:

o   How the past should have been different, how other people or our own stupidity, ignorance robbed us of our childhood, youth, the best years of our life are gone never to be enjoyed again!

o   How to make the future better but instead we build up anxiety about how impossible it all is, how we don’t deserve better, how others won’t allow us to have anything better, be better, be happy.

There are many techniques within Hypnotherapy and NLP which allow a person to learn to relax and discover for themselves that what had been causing them stress, anxiety, fear, misery …. is not able to do anything to them that they do not allow it to do, that only they can allow others or even themselves to behave, think, feel and that they can choose to replace those negative behaviours, thoughts and feelings with positive, helpful, happy behaviours, thoughts and feelings!

While we are deeply immersed in these ways of being it seems impossible to do, be, feel, think in any other way and that is why initially a therapist, coach, guide can be invaluable but very soon we can learn how to choose to make these choices for ourselves needing assistance less and less.

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