Hypnotherapy for Hypertension in Hounslow

1 in 3 people have high blood pressure (hypertension). That means in the borough of Hounslow out of a population of 236,800 people nearly 79,000 residents will have hypertension, which means they will probably have to take medications for the rest of their life.

Over 90% of people with high blood pressure (hypertension) have essential or primary Hypertension this means there is no known medical reason for the high blood pressure. In these cases it has been established that lifestyle factors are a major contributor to high blood pressure.

In September 2011 NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) reviewed hypertension research and concluded that lifestyle factors and stress play a part in primary hypertension.

We are an accredited Hypnotension™ practitioner. The Hypnotension™ programme combines cognitive, behavioural techniques together with hypnosis to create a natural change to lifestyle. It targets the emotional and lifestyle factors which can be the cause of many Primary Hypertension cases.

Hypnotherapy for High Blood Pressure – The Causes

Hypnotherapy for High Blood Pressure

On the above list our hypnotherapy for high blood pressure programme is very effective for all of them apart from any genetic predisposition (family history) to hypertension. The unique Hypnotension™ programme has been designed specifically to help people who have high blood pressure (hypertension) to reduce their blood pressure to a normal level. It does this by targeting and resolving the lifestyle factors that contribute to it. This unique programme looks at the individual needs of each client and devises an effective treatment plan to tackle their high blood pressure.

People that are given a diagnosis of high blood pressure are told to lose weight, stop smoking, reduce their alcohol and salt consumption, to up their exercise level and reduce the stress in their lives. That is easy to say but for most people that is an impossible task. I can help you to achieve these goals. However, the Hypnotension™ Programme looks a lot further. It also looks at lifestyle factors such as :-
lifestyle factors

  • Childhood events
  • Social beliefs and expectations
  • Conditioning and Traumatic events
  • Releasing inappropriate beliefs
  • Fears
  • Family pressures

And in a tight and structured protocol it helps you deal with each and every factor that is relevant to you. The Hypnotension™ programme really is a healthy and natural way to return to a normal blood pressure level.

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