Learning and Memory

Hypnotherapy for Learning and Memory

We are a learning machine. Programmed from the day we are born (some things we learn even before we are born), we begin by learning the smells and sounds of loved ones who will feed us and care for us. We continue to grow and learn to talk and walk

Then somehow along the way complications arise for some of us. While most children learn to read almost effortlessly – like my older two children – others struggle with the simplest letters and words – such as my two younger children who are dyslexic.

In trying to find ways to help my children, I was able to discover some very effective techniques to assist learning, memory and coping with the stress of it all.

I am also trained in the Raviv Method of treating dyslexia.

By studying how successful people do things, I can teach you how you can succeed by showing you the most effective way to learn for you.

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