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Hypnotherapy for weight lossWeight Control is rarely, if ever, merely about :

  • exercising more and eating less
  • finding the perfect diet
  • will power or self- control
  • and nothing to do with being greedy – well perhaps sometimes!

All of us who find weight to be an issue know how to lose weight, we probably know several ways of losing weight.  All of which have all worked for us in the past as we have lost pounds and kilos only to yo-yo back again.

Weight and eating, not exercising, generaly taking less care of  ourselves then we do of the most minor item of convenience in our lives – the electric kettle or blender forget about the car or boiler.

This is an issue which is close to my heart … my waist line, my hips, my love handles… errr you get the picture!

So I will be returning to this frequently as and when the fancy to share more with you takes me…. see you then:-).

18 August 2010
Fact is (as I have mentioned above and will probably mention again – frequently!) we all know how to lose weight, what to do, what not to do, what works best for us, but underlying emotional issues and the stresses of life can demand an instant fix, which is extremely gratifying in the short term and is fiercely regretted immediately after … binging on the cream cake, bar of chocolate, deep fried, fatty chips or burgers or meat pie or whatever it is that is your weakness.

It is the binging that is our downfall as the occasional enjoyment of any food would be quite acceptable even within the strictest diet regime.  It is when we think that eating just one square of chocolate is soooo “bad” and we feel soooo guilty that we end up devouring a whole block and not even enjoying it that we create issues for ourselves!

The best thing about the work I do is that we have more choice, without having to feel deprived, without having to engage massive will power:

I will not eat….?

I will not….

I will not…

I will nooo…. oh what the heck just one ….. Then one more!

With the techniques I use we just find ourselves wanting:

  • To eat less of the unhealthy options – still indulging sometimes but wondering what all the fuss was about, as you don’t really need this any more, but still enjoy it from time to time!
  • Eating more of healthy foods you already like and slowly but surely learning to like even the ones you thought you would never like!
  • Finding ways of fitting in more activity into your daily routine whether it is something as simple as walking and taking the stairs more often or starting to doing some things that you may not have done much of  before such as a few squats, or sit ups as you just never seemed to get round to it!
  • I started doing some squats when I found myself struggling to get out of my car, in the beginning I could barely manage about 5 now I can easily do 20 – really as I just got up and checked!

Instead of just thinking about doing the above, knowing what to do, but well… not just now!

I know as I too have struggled with weight issues and it is only recently that I feel I have sorted out my emotional issues enough to ….. well I think it has been a combination of letting go of being fixated on my weight and not building it up into a major issue which I was not ready to address “properly” whatever that is!

So I have been on the same treadmill of most other dieters who are able to keep their weight in check most of the time then let it go some of the time so that each time we gain weight it is a pound or two more than the most it has been.

Consequently whereas I started off wanting to lose a few pounds from about 9 stone 4lbs to get back to about 8stone 7lbs, over the last 10 years it has yo- yo’d down then up to 10 stone then 11 stone till I ended up a few months ago at 12 stones…. what did I do as a qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapist and NLP Pratitioner?

I will tell you next time:-)

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