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Hypnotherapy for Weight loss in Hounslow

Hypnotherapy to lose weightLose weight and be healthy for the rest of your life with someone who really understands the problem from a personal level. All of us who find weight to be an issue know how to lose weight, we probably know several ways of losing weight. They have worked for us in the past as we have lost pounds and kilos, only to put the weight back again and more. This is what we call yo-yo dieting and the diet industry loves it.

Obesity and being overweight is a number one health risk today. It is estimated that approximately a quarter of the population is obese. That means in the borough of Hounslow, out of a population of 236,800 people over 59,000 residents are obese, which means the chances are that they will spend a lifetime dieting and experiencing failure. But there is a better way….

Being overweight generally restricts your body’s activity level.  It can damage your health, reduce your confidence and self esteem levels, and affect your social life.

If you want to lose weight you need to have some insight into what it is about food that excites your imagination so much. You need to discover your triggers and beliefs about food.

So why is it so hard to lose weight?

  • Food – is delicious and people are programmed to eat it – appetite is hard wired into the brain.
  • Food – is good at making people feel better emotionally – it’s a fantastic emotional anaesthetic (comfort eating is something you’ve been conditioned into).
  • Dieting – without changing behaviours and beliefs, weightloss can rarely be maintained.
  • Dieting – often makes you feel isolated, miserable and lonely.
  • Our lives are too comfortable – we don’t need to use calories so therefore lets save them for when we do.
  • We are being hypnotised to eat by TV and the media. The booming British diet industry is said to be worth more than 1 billion pounds.
  • Being overweight can lead to self-hatred and loathing. The more you hate yourself the more you eat to feel comfortable.

It’s not about dieting, don’t buy into the belief

Losing weight is about returning to a more normal pattern of behaviour around food. When you break free from the beliefs that you have been hypnotised into all your life you can really experience a freedom around food.

The diet industry would have you believe that there is bad food and good food when really there is just food. Food itself isn’t the problem, it’s your desire to eat inappropriate levels of food.

With the techniques we use you will just find yourself wanting:

  • To eat less of the unhealthy options – still indulging sometimes but wondering what all the fuss was about, as you don’t really need this any more, but still enjoy it from time to time!
  • Eating more of healthy foods you already like and slowly but surely learning to like even the ones you thought you would never like!
  • Finding ways of fitting in more activity into your daily routine, whether it is something as simple as walking and taking the stairs more often, or starting to do some things that you may not have done much of before, such as a few squats, or sit ups.

Instead of just thinking about doing the above, why not give us a call and create new behaviours that fit you and what you want from life.

Remember, food isn’t a sin, it’s just food.

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